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1. GRAPEFRUITS: They are one of the best fruits that can aid in weight loss because of their thermogenic properties and high-fiber content.

2. APPLES: High in satiating fiber and low in calories, apples are also rich in pectin, a type of fiber that helps fill you up and keeps you feeling full.

3. PEARS: Like apples, pears also pack a weight-loss punch thanks to pectin. They’re a filling snack — just one medium pear provides nearly one-quarter of your daily allowance of fiber.

4. GUAVA: This exotic little fruit is a high-fiber champ, coming in at nine grams per cup. Just one piece provides twice your daily allowance of vitamin C.

5. AVOCADO: With its distinctive pit, avocado is technically a fruit. It’s also high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, so it’s super-satiating.

6. RASPBERRIES: They are not only low in calories, but also are loaded with fiber and are among the best sources of antioxidants. 

7. BLACKBERRIES: Nearly as fiber-rich as raspberries, blackberries are also high in manganese, a nutrient that helps with protein synthesis necessary for building fat-burning muscle and the metabolism of carbs.

8. BLUEBERRIES: Those who consumed more foods rich in anthocyanins (a natural chemical found in blue or purple fruits like blueberries) were more likely to avoid weight gain or lose weight than those who ate less of those foods.

9. STRAWBERRIES: Not only are strawberries filling and sweetly satisfying, like all berries they’re rich in vitamin C — just one cup provides your full daily recommended allowance.

10. WATERMELON: Fruits from the melon family, especially watermelon, are high in water content, which is great for aiding in hydration. 

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