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1. BRAIN HEALTH: Palm oil is an excellent source of tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E with strong antioxidant properties that may support brain health.

2. HEART HEALTH: Palm oil has been credited with providing protection against heart disease.

3. IMPROVED VITAMIN A STATUS: Red palm oil may also help improve vitamin A status in people who are deficient or at risk of deficiency because it’s rich in carotenoids that the body can convert into vitamin A.

4. HELPS IN IMPROVING VISION: Palm is known to be rich in Beta carotene which is important for Vitamin A. This beta carotene gets converted into Vitamin A in the body and helps to improve eyesight. Other vision-related issues can be resolved by using palm oil.

5.:HELPS IN PREVENTING CARDIOVASCULAR ISSUES: Palm oil has always been credited with providing cardiovascular protection against several heart disorders. It always works efficiently to lower LDL and increases HDL levels. It is known to prevent disorders like, coronary heart disease, heart stroke, accumulation of cholesterol, etc.

6. HELPS IN REDUCING THE RISK OF CANCER: A significant reduction in the risk of cancer can be observed by regular consumption of palm oil. The presence of essential fatty acids makes it capable to stop the metastasis process. However, palm oil used must be of high quality and must not process at high temperatures.

7. HELPS IN PROVIDING NATURALLY SOFT SKIN: The presence of re-fattening agents in palm oil helps to restore the natural oils of skin and moisture. It helps us to attain deeply moisturized, soft and supple skin. It is also extensively corporated into creams and lotions for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

8. HELPS TO IMPROVE HAIR GROWTH: Palm oil also acts as a potential collagen booster which supports the reduction of hair loss. It also actively promotes hair growth by making them stronger and healthier. It also slows down the greying of hair. Regular application of palm oil leaves you a healthier and shinier hair.

9. RICH IN VITAMIN K: Vitamin K is one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins that the body requires. It boosts bone health and also acts as a blood coagulant. Palm kernel oil contains high amounts of the vitamin K and hence is recommended for daily use.

10. RICHLY LOADED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: With a sufficient amount of Vitamin E, rarely found tocotrienols and being loaded with anti-oxidants, palm oil provides amazing anti-aging benefits. It prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. Palm oil is capable of providing protection against harmful UV rays and other toxins and hence it is healthy for the skin.

11. CONTAINS UNSATURATED FATS: The palm kernel oil is a source of healthy unsaturated fats and medium chain fatty acids. This is perfect for use as a cooking medium. Moreover, these qualities make it ideal for healthier skin, bones and joints.

12. RICH IN NUTRIENTS: In addition to having important fat-soluble vitamins, palm kernel oil also has high nutritional value. It has numerous nutrients that are essential for maintaining a good health. The presence of palmitic acid, considered as a 16-carbon saturated fatty acid, makes it distinctive from other cooking oils.

13. HELPS DURING PREGNANCY: Palm oil is a rich source of multiple essential vitamins and vitamins are vital for fetal growth. Therefore, regular consumption of palm oil during pregnancy helps to avoid vitamin deficiency and promotes the proper growth of the child. It provides significant amounts of Vitamin D, A, E, and other useful nutrients too.

14. HELPS IN PROVIDING ENERGY: Palm oil has beta carotene in it which carotene assists in promoting the level of energy and enhances the balance of hormones in the body.

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