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Pumpkin is a plant native to South America that now grows worldwide. The seed and its oil are used to make medicine.

1. REGULATING BLOOD PRESSURE: Among the various other important nutritional benefits of pumpkin is its well-documented hypotensive effect. Pumpkins contain an abundance of phytosterols and vitamin E, which protect the heart by widening the blood vessels, preventing blood clots, and lowering blood pressure.

2. REDUCING THE RISK OF CANCER: Research has suggested a positive relationship between a diet rich in beta-carotene and a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Beta-carotene has also been shown to hold back the development of colon cancer in some of the Japanese population.

3. COMBATING DIABETES: Pumpkins have a powerful effect on glucose absorption. This can help keep diabetes at bay. Pumpkin also helps to control diabetes. The plant compounds in pumpkin seeds and pulp are excellent for helping the absorption of glucose into the tissues and intestines, as well as balancing levels of liver glucose.

4. DAILY FIBER CONTENT: Pumpkins are a fantastic source of fiber. Fiber slows the rate of sugar absorption into the blood, as well as promoting regular bowel movements and smooth digestion. 

5. CAN PROTECT IMMUNITY: Pumpkin pulp and seeds are high in both vitamin C and beta-carotene. These offer a boost to the immune system using a powerful combination of nutrients.

6. TREATING COMMON SKIN CONDITIONS: Traditional healers have long used pumpkin as a treatment for common skin conditions and pumpkins are applied topically to burns, sores, and blisters. The effectiveness of this practice has been validated by modern science. Powerful antioxidants in pumpkin are beneficial for maintaining the health of the skin.

7. MAINTAINING HEALTHY VISION: Pumpkins get their distinctive color from the presence of plant carotenes, which are easily converted into vitamin A in the body. Both vitamin A and beta-carotene help to protect the eyes from damage, especially when adjusting to the dark after being in bright light.

8. MAINTAINING PROPER HYDRATION: Staying hydrated is of profound importance for the human body, which uses water to maintain healthy cellular growth and to perform just about every other major bodily function. Therefore, pumpkins which are low in calories and composed of about 90% water have been used as a cure for thirst and dehydration.

9. SUPPORTING REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Vitamin A and zinc play an important role in supporting healthy fetal growth and development during pregnancy while caring for the reproductive system overall. 

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