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* WEIGHT GAIN: Daily consuming excessive quantities of groundnuts may result in weight gain.

* ALLERGIES: An allergic response will trigger the immune system to create aggravating mechanisms against the proteins in groundnuts, you may get rashes, swelling, stomach ache, hives, redness, or itching. 

* ANTI NUTRIENTS: It contains phytic acids also known as anti-nutrients, which hinder the absorption of iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium in the body. It also restricts the digestibility of protein in the body.

* AFLATOXIN CONTAMINATION: The harvest period of groundnut witnesses aflatoxin contamination, a specific type of carcinogen produced by a mould called Aspergillus Flavus. It may cause harm to the liver. It can even increase the risk of liver cancer and jaundice. 

* INHIBIT MINERAL ABSORPTION: Overconsumption of groundnuts may block mineral absorption in your body .


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