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Sources of power in Nigeria and the percentage vs in Russia

Like we earlier said there different sources of power supply.

We are going to be looking into that of Nigeria and Russia


1) Oil and gas: this source is used to produce 86% of power supply in Nigeria and this over dependent on one source which is what causes failure or little power supply

2) Hydro: this is used to produce 14% of total power and it not making full use of this source/ harnessing this source and it it because of total or full dependence on oil and gas

3) Coal: this takes -1% of the source of power, tho people see it as a dirty source of power but it better we have a dirty source than having none


1) Oil and gas: this produces 46% of the total gigawatt of Russia, this means there is no much dependence on a particular source of income

2) Coal: this produces 18% of power in Russia, the source of power is diversified and not dependent.

3) Hydro: this also produces 18% of total power of the Russian

4) Nuclear: this produces 17% of power in Russia we see that they are not dependent on one source of power that they have different sources of power and harness every single source available

For this singular purpose Russia is able to supply 3 times the minimum gigawatt that is expected as a country

One of the major problems of Nigeria is also lack of corporations with other power countries that have enough power and can supply


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