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The secret behind Aqua Do clothes

The secret behind Aqua Do clothes

The secret behind Aqua Do clothes 


Nana Aqua Do who is in the image below contacted an upcoming Nigerian designer (ezinne) to make this dress for her, ezinne worked hard for this dress and made it from scratch.


The structure was ordered from China, and she did justice to it. After the dress was completed Nana asked Ezinne to choose between a tag and a payment, the upcoming designer begged her to support her because she had spent so much on the design, and she had help from some other.


Designers which she must pay too, and that was the first AMVCA dress she had ever made. Nana finally gave her 400k, with some balance left to be paid.


Surprisingly, when Nana posted that outfit on her page she gave credit to another designer from Ghana (yolikomson). Yolikomson took the whole credit and was even parading herself as the creator of the dress, and was posting fake evidence on her page to prove that she was the designer of the dress.

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