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* GROUNDNUT OIL: It is often used in cooking because it has a mild flavor and a relatively high smoke point. Due to its high monounsaturated content, it is considered more healthful than saturated oils and is resistant to rancidity.

* PEANUT BUTTER: It is a food paste or spread made from ground dry roasted groundnuts. It often contains additional ingredients that modify the taste or texture, such as salt, sweeteners, or emulsifiers. 

* PEANUT FLOUR: It is used in gluten-free cooking.

* PEANUT PROTEIN CONCENTRATES AND ISOLATES: Are commercially produced from defatted peanut flour using several methods. 

* BAMBA PUFFS: They are a popular snack in Israel. Their shape is similar to Cheez Doodles, but they are made of peanuts and corn.

* WEST AFRICA: It grow well in southern Mali and adjacent regions of the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal; groundnuts are similar in both agricultural and culinary qualities to the Bambara groundnut native to the region, and West Africans have adopted the crop as a staple.

* INDUSTRIAL USE: It has a variety of industrial end uses. Paint, varnish, lubricating oil, leather dressings, furniture polish, insecticides, and nitroglycerin are made from peanut oil. Soap is made from saponified oil, and many cosmetics contain peanut oil and its derivatives. 

* ANIMAL FEED: Peanut plant tops and crop residues can be used for hay.

* PROTEIN CAKE: Oil cake meal residue from oil processing is used as animal feed and soil fertilizer.

* GROUNDNUT CAKE: It is a livestock feed, mostly used by cattle as protein supplements. It is one of the most important and valuable feeds for all types of livestock and one of the most active ingredients for poultry rations.


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