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NIDO Russia Joins NIDOWW In Protest

NIDO Russia Joins NIDOWW In Protest

NIDO Russia Joins NIDOWW In Protest

 We the members of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) in Russia, humbly join NIDO Worldwide (NIDOWW) in expressing our disappointment, bewilderment and amazement after seeing the viral video clip on the statement of the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase. Such speech is indeed a danger to all Nigerians residing abroad and thus unacceptable from a personality entrusted with such a position of authority in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Furthermore, such rhetoric is ultimately a violation of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the legislative branch of government which guarantees the rights and privileges of all Nigerians regardless of their country of residence.
It is disgraceful and very shameful that such an outright display of lack of enlightenment or utter ignorance or both could come from a lawmaker that is expected to know the constitution better than the common man (woman). It is indeed very dishonourable, disreputable and a dent to the image of the green chamber.
We therefore request that the deputy speaker be called to order by the green chamber on this callous, oblivious and unguarded statement. We demand an immediate apology by the deputy speaker and public declaration of concrete steps that would be taken to avoid a repetition of such disregard to the constitution and encroachment on the rights of the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. Godwin E. Ibe M.D., MSc., PhD.
The Chairman, NIDO Russia.

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