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My friend deceived me into buying stolen vehicle

My friend deceived me into buying stolen vehicle

A 42-year-old man, Daniel Joseph, popularly known as Dangote, who recently served out his 12 years prison sentence said he trained 40 inmates in prison yard at the Nigeria Correctional Service Centre, while serving. Joseph, who hails from Benue State, said he did not regret his 12 years in the prison yard because he was empowered with a washing machine to continue his laundry services.

But he was not happy that his trusted friend lured him to buy a stolen vehicle. He was, however, excited that his wife and daughter did not abandon him during the 12 years in prison, saying that he had learnt his lesson. He was happy that he did not waste the 12 years as he was empowered with a working tool. “I bought a vehicle and it was said to be a stolen vehicle.


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